Frequently Asked Questions

Are IJM gift catalogue purchases tax deductible?

All the donation items from the IJM gift catalogue are tax deductible (over $2) in Australia. IJM Australia is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) and you will receive a tax receipt from us.

The physical gifts (jewellery and water bottle) are not tax deductible and will appear in your payment summary.


Do I receive a card with one of the physical gifts?

The physical gifts come with an IJM bookmark rather than a card.


Why should I buy a gift from the IJM catalogue?

The IJM gift catalogue allows you to give the gift of freedom. By making a donation on behalf of your friend or family member, not only will you be directly supporting the work of ending slavery – you’ll be sharing your passion for justice with those closest to you.


What do I get when I buy from the catalogue?

For each item, you can choose between:

(a) a PDF to print at home. You will receive a download link via email within a few minutes; or,

(b) a printed card. We will mail you a card so that you can write in your friend or family member’s name, your name and any message that you would like to include. The card reflects the gift that you have chosen and includes a survivor story that shows your loved one the impact made on their behalf; or,

(c) no card. Select this option if you do not require a card – you’ll still get a receipt.


When will I get my printed card?

While exact delivery times will vary, we will process your gift and put your printed card(s) in the mail within two working days. Please place your order well in advance to ensure you receive your printed card in time for Christmas.

Your tax deductible receipt should arrive in your email within a few minutes of the order being completed online.


Where does my donation go?

Each item in the IJM gift catalogue is representative of the type of resources or initiatives that the value of the gift can fund. While the dollar value of each gift does correspond to the actual cost, the funds you provide will be directed to where the need is greatest. This untied funding gives IJM greater flexibility in strategically and effectively using donor funds, and is in line with best practice in international aid and development.