Once you have chosen your specific gift you will receive a beautiful card representing your choice that you can personalise before giving. It symbolises not only your generosity but the generosity of those who receive it too.

International justice Mission

Every day, women and children are sold for sex. Families are forced to work 18-hour days as slaves. Widows and orphans are being forced off their land.

Every day, far too many people in developing countries around the world experience abuse and exploitation.

This gift purchased in your family or friend’s honour will be used to end slavery and violence. It will send freedom to children, women and men who are suffering around the world.

Everyone deserves to be safe. With the help of friends like you, we are helping to protect more than 150 million people from violence in 17 countries by:

Strengthening Justice Systems
Rescuing and Restoring Victims
Bringing Criminals to Justice
Scaling Demand for Protection

Learn more about IJM by watching the video below