IJM Collectable Christmas Ornaments

Get your hands on the last 4 years worth of IJM Christmas Ornaments! Each ornament is engraved with a word in the language of where one of IJM offices is located. 

Rescue (2017)- written in Hindi (most commonly spoken in India) 

Freedom (2018)- written in Tamil ( Tamil Nadu/Chennai)

Restore (2019)- written in Akan (Ghana)

Dream (2020)- written in Bengali (language spoken in Kolkata) 

The ornaments are soured from Common Good, a social enterprise in Kolkata.

Common Good knows It’s hard to answer all the worlds problems, but it is easy to be part of the solution. In buying these products you are part of a movement of consumers who care about the people and the places where the product is made, as well as the quality of the product they are buying. 

Made from planet friendly bamboo. 4 ornaments in each box. 


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