IJM Collectable Christmas Ornaments

IJM Collectable Christmas Ornaments


Get your hands on 4 years' worth of IJM Christmas Ornaments! Representing a community where IJM works, each ornament is engraved with a special word in the local language:

Rescue (2017) written in Hindi (most commonly spoken across India) 

Freedom (2018) written in Tamil (spoken in the state of Tamil Nadu, where IJM Chennai in located)

Restore (2019) written in Akan (commonly spoken in Ghana)

Dream (2020) written in Bengali (spoken in the state of West Bengal, where IJM Kolkata is located) 



Made from planet friendly bamboo, these ornaments are sourced from Common Good, a social enterprise providing opportunities for impoverished families in Kolkata. Each box contains 4 ornaments as pictured.



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AusPost advice: Place your order before the 14th of December to receive items in time for Christmas. 


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